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Tulskaya Garmon (brand name Melodia) is one of the biggest enterprises producing musical instruments on the territory of Russia. Continuing the traditions of the great Tula masters "Tulskaya Garmon" produces about 50 types of bayans and hand harmonicas, different in their sound and artistic design.

Tulskaya Garmon (品牌名称 Melodia) 是俄罗斯地区最大的乐器厂商之一。Tulskaya Garmon 传承了伟大的Tula大师的传统,生产了约50种巴扬和小手风琴,各有美妙的音色和艺术设计。

We will be glad to help everybody who is interested in getting more information about the musical instruments of Tulskaya Garmon. These instruments are remarkable for the variety and beauty of timbres, powerful, dense sounding of the left keyboard (russian sound).

我们十分欢迎想要更加了解Tulskaya Garmon 的演奏家。我们的乐器——无论是多样的设计还是致密有力的贝司音色(俄罗斯调音)——都有着自己鲜明的印记。

Convertor Pro "Concert"

"Rus" (107/64x120/59-IV-15/4+6)

"Mir" (107/64x120/59-IV-15+6)

Convertor "Concert"

"TULA" (107/64x120/55-III-7)

"TULA" (92/55x120/50-III-7)

"YASNAYA POLYANA" (67x120/57-II)

"YASNAYA POLYNA" (112/67x120/57-II)

Standard "Concert"

"TULA" (107/64x120-III-7)

"TULA" (92/55x100-III-7)


"TULA" (61x120-II)

"TULA" (107/64x120-II)

"TULA" (64x120-II)

"TULA" (67x150-II)

Convertor Junior

"TULA-209" (92/55x120/50-II)

"TULA-210" (55x120/50-II)

"TULA" (77/46x80/41-II)


Standard Junior

"TULA-209" (92/55x100-II)

"TULA-210" (55x100-II)

"ETYUD-205M2" (55x100-II)

"TULA" (46x80-II)

"TULA" (77/46x37-II)

"TULA" (77/46x80-II)

Harmonies diatonic

"Concert" (27x25-IV-7+3)

"ZAKAZNAYA" (25x25-IV)


"SKAZKA" (23x12-I)