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Roland HD-3Roland HD-3

Roland HD-3  Roland HD-3

HD-3: V-Drums® Lite

Extremely Quiet, Compact, and Affordable V-Drums

Designed for drummers at any age or skill level, the HD-3 is a great sounding, lightweight, compact, and affordable drum set that fits neatly and comfortably in any room. In addition to volume control via volume knob and/or headphones, the unique design of the HD-3 delivers ultra-quiet performance so family members and neighbors are not disturbed by the acoustic noise typically associated with drum sets.

  • Fun, compact V-Drums for all levels of drummers, gamers, and home-entertainment enthusiasts
  • Quiet, integrated pedal design includes improved playing feel and minimizes noise and vibration through floors and ceilings
  • 20 preset kits with dedicated select buttons and informative backlit LCD
  • New cloth-head toms with improved playing feel and design
  • Dual-trigger pads for snare and crash/ride to improve playability
  • Metronome with selectable sounds and adjustable tempo


HD-3: V-Drums Lite系列电鼓



  • 不在乎您的演奏水准,无论您是专业鼓手、游戏玩家还是用于家庭娱乐,小巧的V-Drum将给予您无穷的乐趣
  • 带有专用选择按键的20个预置鼓组和背光液晶信息显示屏
  • 改进底鼓的打击感,降低噪音
  • 新的布状鼓面嗵鼓,改进演奏感觉和设计
  • 军鼓和吊镲/叮叮镲为双触发,提升演奏真实感
  • 可选择音色和调节速度的节拍器


RMB 5,500 + Shipping Cost
Please advise your address for shipping cost calculation