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FR-8x: V-Accordion

The Ultimate Fusion of Technology and Tradition

With the incredible new FR-8x, Roland has perfected the synergy between traditional accordion playability and modern digital power. The latest flagship piano-type V-Accordion is jam-packed with features and enhancements developed with input from the world’s top players, bringing a previously unattained level of expression and versatility to every accordionist. Innovative Dynamic Bellows Behavior technology delivers the true bellows response of an acoustic accordion, while the expanded sound set, four powerful multi-effects, an onboard looper, and much more offer a treasure chest of tools for dynamic musical exploration. Seamlessly fusing top-level technology with familiar acoustic tradition, the FR-8x V-Accordion ushers in a new era of creative freedom for players everywhere.

  • Flagship piano-type V-Accordion, filled with many enhancements requested by pro accordionists
  • Newly developed Dynamic Bellows Behavior technology emulates the true bellows response of an acoustic accordion in every register
  • Simple and convenient onboard battery charging with an AC adapter
  • A large selection of accordion sounds from around the world, plus 180 orchestra and percussion sounds and world-class Virtual Tone Wheel organs
  • Four powerful multi-effects engines (MFX), with dedicated MFX for Accordion, Orchestra 1, Orchestra 2, and Orchestra Chord sections
  • All-new user interface, featuring a large, easy-to-read color display, intuitive panel layout, and three programmable chin switches for hands-free control of a variety of functions
  • 1,400 user program memories allow players to save custom setups for every performing situation
  • Onboard looper for creating instant backing accompaniment
  • Recording, audio playback, and more via convenient USB memory; USB COMPUTER port for integrating with MIDI music software
  • Available in red and black finishes


FR-8x: V-Accordion电子手风琴(键盘式)


Roland推出全新的FR-8x键盘式手风琴,将传统手风琴的演奏性与现代数码技术的强大功能进行了完美结合。这款旗舰级的键盘式V-Accordion电子手风琴添加了许多世界顶级手风琴大师所建议加强的功能,为演奏者带来前所未有的表现力与多元性。创新的Dynamic Bellows Behavior技术能够真实地表现出原声手风琴的风箱响应效果,另外还有扩充的音色组,四个强大的综合效果器,一个内置乐句循环工作站,让您在探寻音乐动态表现力的过程中更加得心应手。顶尖科技与原声传统的完美结合,FR-8x键盘式手风琴引领演奏者进入无限自由新时代。

  • 旗舰级键盘式V-Accordion电子手风琴,带有众多专业手风琴家所要求添加的强大功能
  • 最新研发的Dynamic Bellows Behavior技术模仿了真实手风琴的风箱响应方式
  • 连接AC适配器即可直接为电池充电,简单方便
  • 内置全世界各种手风琴音色合辑,外加180种管弦乐音色、打击乐音色以及虚拟音齿风琴音色
  • 四个超强的综合效果器(MFX),可分别专用于Accordion, Orchestra 1, Orchestra 2和Orchestra Chord
  • 全新的用户界面,大尺寸彩色显示屏,直观的面板格局,另外还有三个可设置的连锁开关,在控制各种效果的同时解放您的手
  • 1400个用户存储可以让您保存为不同演奏所制定的设置
  • 内置乐句循环工作站,让您可以实时创建伴奏
  • 连接U盘可以方便地进行录制或音频播放;USB接口还可以连接电脑
  • 现有红色和黑色外观可供选择