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FR-7x: V-Accordion®

Music in Expansion

The V-Accordion is the first instrument of its kind to provide powerful digital modelling technology in a traditional, immediately familiar, accordion design, and with performance functions and authentic sounds. It combines the familiar sounds and nuances of a traditional accordion with the versatility of a modern digital musical instrument.The FR-7x is the successor to the current FR-7. It is enhanced with the latest V-Accordion features. Now available in a stylish red finish.

  • Faster response and higher sensitivity and precision, plus detection of bellows opening/closing with new bellows pressure-sensor circuitry
  • New French accordion sounds, Bayan accordion sounds, Italian classic accordion sounds, 24 new orchestral sounds and Virtual ToneWheel organ sounds
  • USB host port onboard for new sound-upload possibility, MP3 playback, wave recorder
  • Bellows Resistance Regulator knob to specify the bellows inertia (the force needed to push and pull it)
  • New LCD display for comfortable operation
  • Advanced musical expression: Bass to Treble function, Percussion sounds playable by Bass & Chord buttons, and 6 user assignable function bass buttons


FR-7x: 键盘型电子手风琴



  • 快速反应及高灵敏度、精确性以及全新设计的风箱压力感应电路精可确检测风箱开/合状态
  • 全新的法国手风琴音色、巴扬手风琴音色、意大利经典手风琴音色、24种全新的管弦乐音色及虚拟音齿风琴音色
  • USB口可以注入全新的音色,具有MP3播放及录音功能
  • 风箱阻力调节旋钮可以指定适合您的力量。(推拉风箱的力量)
  • 全新的液晶屏幕显示让操作更加便携
  • 强大的音乐表现力:低音到高音,通过低音及合弦按键可表现打击乐音色,6个用户可分配功能按钮(低音按钮的最后6个)