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Dynamic Volume Pedal

Elane the Brake Dynamic Volume Pedal

This constitutes a New Product Announcement: We are looking now for one famous brand music company to take over this invention into their product line. 2 additional inventions are being developed into prototypes in a short time to include a revolutionary sound pickup for string instruments and a new transducer technology for digital drums. (Patents applied for)

The all new Dynamic Volume Pedal from ELANE provides a completely different control experience compared to conventional pedals. The volume follows exactly the foot movement through digital technology and the volume control is accomplished by a 2 channel digital potentiometer.

There will be 2 models:

a) The ELANE Basic BRAKE only for volume control

b) The ELANE BRAKE with additional Effect Processing using DSP technology to be introduced in the very near future.

The features of the BRAKE are as follows:

  • LED Bar graph display on left side of case (shows volume and when press a button shows battery condition)

  • Digital Memory for Volume setting and Solo Setting

  • Side switches to control digital volume lock and digital minimum volume setting

  • Power Supply adapter or USB power, built-in rechargeable battery with battery check on the LED bar-graph display

  • Built in Tuner using the LED display to indicate tuning

  • Heavy Duty aluminum case with rubber cover.

  • Pedal with Effects will produce digital effects for Octave Shifting, Phaser, Tremolo, Chorus, Overdrive, Flanger, Pitch Shift and Delay Echo.