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Tascam DP-004 4-Track Digital Recorder

Product Specifications:

•Two 1/4" unbalanced mic/line inputs
•Switchable guitar input
•Headphone/Line output
•USB 2.0 connector

•Four-track digital multitrack recording
•CD-quality 44.1kHz/16-bit WAV recording
•Records to SD Card media (1GB card included)
•Repeat, Record undo
•Dedicated stereo mixdown track

•Powered through AA Batteries or optional PS-P520 power adapter
•Battery life: About 8 hours recording, about 8.5 hours playback (alkaline batteries)
•Dimensions: 6.1" W x 1.3" H x 4.2" D (155mm W x 33.5mm H x 107mm D)
•Weight: 2.8 oz (360 g, w/o batteries) 

Price: US$236.90  €182.40
Shipping cost by FedEx: US$30.40 (USA) PayPal buy now
Shipping cost by FedEx: €29.40 (Europe) PayPal buy now