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8 Piece Battery Charger for AA and AAA NIMH Rechargeable Batteries

NIMH Battery Charger

Fast NIMH battery charger.
Especially suitable for Battery operated amplifiers such as the Roland KC-110, V-Accordions FR1, FR18 and also for Roland R-88 NIMH batteries.

Input: AC 100 to 240V 50/60 HZ (Adapter Included)
Output: DC 2x (2.8v 600mA) AA
DC 2x (2.8v to 400mA) AAA

Charging Time Guide:
AA batteries (2800mah): 8 Hours
AA battery (2300mAH): 4 Hours
AA battery (2000mAH):  3.2 Hours
AAA battery (900mAH): 2.2 Hours
AAA battery (700mAH): 1.8 Hours

Price: US$15.40  €11.90
Shipping cost by Post Office: US$9.80 (Worldwide) PayPal buy now
Shipping cost by Post Office: €7.80 (Europe) PayPal buy now