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Accordion Pin Pliers

Accordion Pin Pliers Accordion Pin Pliers

Pliers to remove accordion pins.

Hole is cut by EDM - not by drilling - therefore very reliable

Many customers discovered our Accordion Pliers. These are very useful to remove the accordion case pins without making a scratch. Every Accordionist really needs to have this too to be able to at least inspect the conditions of the reed leather valves and blow out any dust which has perhaps settled inside and inside the bellows. Before closing - spray some perfume or eau de toilette onto the bellows inside - to get rid of the smell in case the accordion is old or was used in places with smoke and drinks.

Order for large quantities, please contact me.

Price: US$20.60  €16.00
Shipping cost by Post Office: US$4.70 (Worlwide) PayPal buy now
Shipping cost by Post Office: €3.90 (Europe) PayPal buy now