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We are also very interested to do OEM manufacturing for musical product companies and are interested to add musical electronic items to our electronic scales business. Elane is the largest manufacturer of precision digital scales in the market.

We can supply to other accordion manufacturers high quality parts for accordion:
Reed Blocks - made from solid wood with exact dimensions - direct from China -no middlemen involved = best prices.
Any metal parts and screws, chrome, gold or stainless steel
Bellow made to your specifications
Bass Buttons 
Keys in any color and material
Springs made to your specifications
Nameplates made to your specifications
Woodparts CNC machined to your specifications and wood sort.
Front covers wood or metal (powder coated)
Please contact us for a quotation. We will cooperate also with only a few famous brand manufacturers to enter the China market with partial assembly to avoid the high customs duty.
To show your expression of interest please send a message or email.

We are now officially accepted as a licensee by APPLE to manufacture product connecting to iPad, iPhone, iMac and Airplay. If you want to develop hardware which connects to APPLE products - we are the right partner!

Please contact us for details.

Dealer and distributor inquiries for protected territories  welcome.

Our other business websites are: - Electronics Scales and Load Cells - Electronic Product Development and OEM Products

eBay store - scale_bargains


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