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FR-7(x) V-Accordion Power Solution

FR-7(x) V-Accordion Power Supply

FR-7(x) Power Supply

FR7(x) operate without FBC7 foot unit. We supply the special plug to fit instead of the battery into the FR7 or FR7x and connect to a high quality switching power supply. Length of cable 2.5 meter (6 foot).
To fit the cable a small cutout on the battery lid must be made which does not affect the accordion - see white mark on photo.
When charger is unplugged, the battery can be used without re-opening the case and the battery can be charged through the FBC7 without any interference from this external power supply.
You can operate the FR7x also without the internal battery. If you operate the power supply and the battery, the battery will also be discharged, if the battery is low, the power supply will maintain the operation of the accordion. The supply voltage of 22 Volt will prevent complete drainage of the battery.

You should not connect and completely discharged battery to this circuit because it may damage the charger.   

Price: US$65.00
Shipping cost by Post Office: US$14.00 (Worldwide) PayPal buy now