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FR-7(x) MIDI Hole Punch Tool Kit

 FR7x Midi Hole Punch Tool

Hole punch tool for the FR-7(x) case to attach Midi female connector.
Come with wires, instructions how to solder them to the FR-7(x).
The metal hole punch I bought in Germany for €39.00 each and copied it in my machine shop. It is good enough to punch a precision hole for into the FR-7(x) without causing damage to the front cover plastic, as a large drill would most likely would do. 8 mm drill bit is also included to make a hole for the punch thread.

Note: This product is only for people who have experience with soldering and really know how to splice into existing wires. I do not give any warranty and will not be responsible for damages to your accordion if you use my tools.

Price: US$32.00  €25.00
Shipping cost by Post Office: US$4.00 (Worldwide) PayPal buy now
Shipping cost by Post Office: €3.00 (Europe) PayPal buy now