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FR-3(x) V-Accordion Rechargeable Battery Pack

This high quality NiMh 12 Volt battery comes with a connector to fit the Roland FR-3/FR-3x. Capacity of 2400 mAh. To be used instead of the battery pack for single batteries.

Please leave your phone number when ordering the battery. The courier needs it for shipment. For countries not listed, please ask for shipping cost quotation, we ship worldwide.

The batteries are made from NiMH cells, are not charged and we have a safety certificate of these batteries for air transport.
However certain customs officials do not understand this, confusing it with Lithium batteries and may cause difficulties in importing to your country.
We cannot be held responsible for this ignorance and our shipment is complete when the item left China and we have a proof of shipment. The import of the battery is solely at the risk of the customer.

No Shipments to USA.

Price: US$25.80  / €20.10
Shipping cost by Courier: US$36.00 (Canada) PayPal buy now
Shipping cost by Courier: €35.00 (Europe) PayPal buy now

Shipping cost by Courier: US$28.00 (Australia/NZ) PayPal buy now


I also offer a spare charger, please find under FR-3x Accessories.