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Cavagnolo Accordions Asia Superstore

All models Pianos born request made ​​by the "piano accordion." With this range, you will find quality Cavagnolo

Cavagnolo Piano Accordions Asia Superstore EXPORT Plus Compact
Professional accordion double resonance box  traditional manufacturing

11 treble registers: 个高音变音器
- 1 voice recorder
- 1 flute voice sound box
- 1 bassoon voice resonating box
- 2 clear voice from heaven
- 2 soft heavenly voice
- 2 voices bandoneon
- 2 unison voices
- 2 heavenly voice with clear octave serious
- 2 with sweet heavenly voice octave
- 3 voices bandoneon
- 3 heavenly voice
- low 96/37 Notes 贝司
Music typo a mano 手工簧片
- version available:
120 bass, 41 marks 可选41120贝司版本
- 11 kg 200
- Available colors: custom 可定制颜色