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Beltuna Accordions

Beltuna Accordions Asia Super Store

Emotions and Accordions since 1982

BELTUNA represents an international brand-name par excellence for the design and production of accordions. A success story based on Italian know-how, craftsmanship, style and tradition. Quality in sound and materials, beautiful and unique products created to exalt the works of musicians and satisfy the desires of the public. A history of workmanship and passion originating in the city of Castelfidardo, located in the heart of the Marche region. After 30 years of experience and research and development of advanced manufacturing processes, BELTUNA is offering its admirers the most exclusive collection of musical instruments from its entire production: SPIRIT. A line of the highest quality products enriched by stylistic details and technical innovations that make them both beautiful and absolutely unique. BELTUNA is the brand-name looked to by the most-demanding of musicians, by lovers of the beauty of sound and by those seeking products that are still today beautifully made with skilled craftsmanship handed down over the years. BELTUNA is an extraordinary
story of the passion of an Italian family and its business since 1982!


Beltuna Spirit Accordions
Beltuna Leader Accordions
Beltuna Prestige Accordions
Beltuna Studio Accordions
Beltuna Alpstar Accordions Beltuna Diatonico Accordions


Beltuna 是厦门凯思尔电子科技有限公司在中国注册的商标(2014)。